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What’s Happening at Dormition

There’s a lot going on at Dormition this Autumn in addition to our liturgical services and church school program. Fr. John Cox is teaching Orthodoxy 101 throughout the Fall, along with a class on the Atonement which he is co-teaching with Seraphim Hamilton. We also have a movie club which is meeting every other Tuesday, and children’s and youth events. You can find our calendar with the full schedule of services and events here.


If you would like to learn more about Orthodox Christianity attending a service is the best way to start. We are always glad to have visitors and one of our clergy will be happy to speak with you if you like.

The Dormition Fast and Feast

Shudder, O ye heavens! and, O earth, give ear unto these words: God descended once before for our sake He descends again today for His Mother.
–from The Lamentations at the Bier of the Mother of God, Tone 5

The Feast of the Falling Asleep (Dormition) of the Mother of God is our parish feast and consequently one of the most important moments of Church year for us. This year we are especially pleased that our own Archbishop Alexander will be keeping the feast with us. You can find our ample service schedule here and many resources for the Dormition Fast and Feast here and here.